Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Team Production Versus Individual Production

This article was a very intriguing article because it made me think of scenarios that I have experienced, but have not analyzed previously. I have personally experienced this phenomenon of procedural fairness when it comes to working with in a group environment. The concept of team vs. individual production as we discussed in class can be applied in the same experiment. 

A great example of this is when working in group projects compared to an individual project. While working in a group, every member has their own part or contribution which their effort is focused on that factors into the final grade that the entire group receives. Usually the work load assigned to each group member is equal. This can cause many problems if not everyone does their share of work and can negatively impact the whole group. Every member is responsible to do their part, but they also have the other group members to use as resources if they are having trouble. This isn't always necessarily fair, depending on who is in the group project, but it is how a group project works. You can get lucky and have a group of intelligent students who complete their work on time or you can have members who are not willing to put in the time and effort for the group project to be done correctly. The group members each get the same grade and the distribution of work is not separated dependent on who does what work. The only a way for the grade to change for a group project is if a professor has the group members grade each other and then the group members final group project group could have that be factored in. This method, however, is typically not used in a college school setting.

Individual work in a school setting directly corresponds to the effort and intelligence that an individual puts into an assignment, while studying for a test, or any other individual assignment. This is irrelevant of other people and your grade is dependent on you. The procedural setting of working in a group project or doing an individual assignment corresponds with the distribution of wealth, which for a school setting would be grades. 

If I had to choose a preferred type of work, a group versus individual assignment, I would have a different answer dependent on each class. There are certain classes where a group is extremely helpful and others where it is not. While I have preferences for each, I believe that the group members are the biggest asset in determining grades.

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